Letter of Thanks from former District 211 Superintendent, Dr. Daniel Cates

To the wonderful people who are a part of the Realtors Against Homelessness—




You may have likely seen this article today in the Daily Herald, but I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the direct impact that your work as Realtors Against Homelessness is having toward improving the experiences of our homeless students.  Through your work, your personal contributions and your tireless efforts, the fruits of your labor and your care reach students throughout the entire District 211 area in ways that help carry many students and families through the often-grinding tasks of simply getting to the end of the day. 


These families live in constant uncertainty and the staff members and leaders throughout our District 211 schools frequently draw upon the funds that you have contributed and generated to help students endure and overcome what often can seem like next impossible or insurmountable circumstance. You help get many of them to the next day. 


I will share this extra bit of appreciation.  It is common at a graduation event that I will hear a name or hand a diploma to a student that you have helped. Though they don’t necessarily know me, I know that it took a bit of extra work and struggle for them to get to that point.  You directly help many of them make it and I want you to know this. 


On behalf of many, I thank you for all that you do for the students of District 211.


Dan Cates




Join with us and help make a difference in the lives of teens facing homelessness in our area.