About Us

RAH began on August 19, 2011, when a group of 10 REALTORS joined forces for the purpose of rallying our local real estate community to support the growing number of homeless students in our area. Through increased awareness and fundraising efforts, RAH’s mission is to positively impact these students’ lives.

According to federal laws, students are considered homeless if they:

  • Lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence;
  • Share the housing of other persons due to the loss of housing resulting from economic hardship;
  • Or if they are unaccompanied youth, including students who are unable to live in their home and are forced to find alternate shelter.

REALTORs Against Homelessness has aligned itself with the District 211 Foundation to raise funds to support the growing number of students who are homeless in District 211.

As REALTORs, we commit ourselves to securing people with a stable and enriching sense of “home.” We understand the importance of a home environment for nurturing the development of young people. Our goal is to do all that we can to support these resilient young students.


We ask that you consider giving to this important cause.

Please join REALTORS Against Homelessness and the District 211
Foundation as we raise funds to support homeless students in District 211!